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About us

** Important note: From May 2022, Golden Eagle 4×4 Center is temporarily closed.

My research interests centered around Internal Combustion (IC) engines and Automobile Suspension during my undergrad at the IAU. I attended different courses and internships to enhance my knowledge in those areas. My Bachelor’s degree dissertation was titled: “Analysis of the Performance and Effect of the Camshaft on the Output Power and Torque of the Internal Combustion Engine.” Then I started working in the Automotive industry and considering the intuitions I had gotten from my father’s activities – both as a race driver and professional auto-mechanic – I established Golden Eagle 4×4 Center to keep up with my projects and provide special public services: classic car restoration, including engine, power-train, suspension, and wiring, and high-level modifications for 4×4 vehicles; engine swap, suspension upgrade, etc.

My father next to the driver-side door of an L6 1978 Golden eagle
Me! When I was 16 next to a 1978 V8 Golden eagle

Golden Eagle 4×4 Center was established in March 2016 in Roodak, Lashgarak, Tehran, Iran. At first, it was an off-road equipment shop, but soon it became a workshop for equipping off-road vehicles and it moved to Jajrood, Tehran.

Roodak shop – Golden Eagle 4×4 Center – Mar. 2016
Jajrood shop – Golden Eagle 4×4 Center – Oct. 2016

Engine Services:

We provide different engine services, including slight overhauls, complete repairs, professional blueprints, and engine swaps. Based on the customers’ needs and usage, we are trying to find the best fit.

There is a special fuel-injection upgrade option for those who want to use their classic car as a daily driver. According to the car and the engine, we will provide all the essential parts and modifications.

AMC 232 cu in engine – Complete repair with wiring and carburetor upgrade – 1977 Golden Eagle
GM 454 cu in engine – Engine swap and power train upgrade – 1978 Cherokee chief
GM 350 cu in engine – Blueprinted engine – 1988 Chevrolet Custom Delux
GM 383 cu in engine – Blueprinted engine – 1978 Golden Eagle
Ford 302 cu in engine – Boss 302 engine swap project – 1976 Ford Bronco
AMC 360 cu in engine – Engine swap & blueprinting project – 1977 Jeep CJ-5

Transmission and Power-Train Services:

A complete transmission overhaul and repair are provided in this center. Also, we have a variety of different automatic transmissions, and those who want to upgrade their manual transmission and remove the clutch pedal from their cars can feel free to ask for an automatic tranny swap! We can cover almost all the 1970s Jeeps, Chevrolets, Fords, and Dodges that were produced in Iran.

GM TH700 transmission coupled with transfer case ready to install
GM TH400 Jeep edition and GM TH700

For the power train; including propeller shaft, U-joints, yokes, axles, etc we provide regular maintenance, repair, and upgrade services.

LSD swaps and Air Lockers are the most popular upgrades in this field.

Dana 44 real axle overhaul – pinion and crown wheel inspection
Different pinion and crown wheels – for open differential and LSD axles

Wiring Services:

Wiring and electrical parts of classic cars can be considered the most critical aspects of the vehicle that need to be inspected and repaired to prevent any probable damage to other components.

We have a complete wiring service for the interior, exterior, and engine bay of your classic car.

Engine bay wiring – Engine swap project – 1977 Jeep CJ-5
Engine bay wiring – Wiring repairment project – 1978 Toyota FJ-40
Engine bay wiring – Ignition upgrade project – 1976 Jeep CJ-5
Engine bay wiring – Overhaul project – 1976 Jeep Renegade

Restoration Services:

A combination of all the above services is a full-frame restoration service. Including all the repairments of the parts, disassembling, assembling, and so on.

A special option in this section is called rebuild service, which belongs to the customers who want a frame-off restoration with some slight to radical custom modifications for particular purposes.

Restoration project – 1953 Jeep CJ-3A
Rebuild project – 1978 Ford Big Bronco and me!
Rebuild project – 1978 Golden Eagle
Rebuild project – 1976 Jeep CJ-5
Restoration project – 1978 Golden eagle


Besides the customers’ cars, some cars belong to the Golden Eagle 4×4 center. After the restoration or rebuild services, they’ll be added to the inventory.

Jeep CJ-5s!
1978 Jeep Cherokee chief – 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ
2006 TJ – 1978 Golden eagle CJ-7

If you have a classic 4wd vehicle and it needs a frame-off restoration or you have any questions about different aspects of it, feel free to contact us!

Golden Eagle – Since 2016

Amir Yahyaeian –

** Important note: From May 2022, Golden Eagle 4×4 Center is temporarily closed.